The inception of food storing techniques has been the greatest blessing for humankind. Besides the need to be able to store all kinds of food products for travel purposes, it is also required to be best containers for freezing soup even at home, for the better taste or to enjoy the same food sometime later. Now storing dry foods is not even a problem, the real task is to be able to store liquid foods like soups.

The traditional and the most practical method is freezing the soup and for that, you always need a closed, safe container. You cannot put the soup in some bowl or glass in the freezer. You obviously need storage containers with lids for the food to be intact and safe from neighbouring things in the freezer or from the danger of contamination.

This article will introduce the best containers for freezing soup that is good enough to take anywhere.

Points To Consider In The Best Containers For Freezing Soup

While looking for the best containers for freezing soup, following things are recommended to take into consideration:

• Safe Composition

The composing material of the container must be non-toxic, solid and environment friendly. Be it plastic, silicon or glass, it should be freezer safe glass, freezer safe plastic and freezer safe silicon. It also must be able to protect the soup inside from contamination, reaction and freezer smell.

• Resistance to Extreme Temperature Changes

The containers must be able to withstand extreme changes in temperature. Some materials either deform or break from sudden transfer from hot to cold or vice versa. So it should be kept in mind that the container is both freezer and oven safe.

• Environment Friendly

Safe food and environment are our foremost priority so while making a choice as to which freezer containers for soup should be bought, it must be checked for its material to be recyclable. It must be eco-friendly in all ways.

• Enough Room

An average go-to soup container for freezing soup should offer enough room for ample amount of soup to be stored and put in the freezer. As we know that liquids expand when frozen, so these freezable soup containers should be able to offer room for that as well.

• Durability

What makes a soup freezing container the best container, is its durability. The containers must be promising enough for regular use.

• Compatibility with the Soup

The chemical composition of the freezable soup containers must not interfere with the chemical composition of the soup inside at all temperature. This makes it suitable for freezing food.

• Leak Proof

The most important factor to consider while looking for either soup containers for lunch, or for freezer, is to make sure it does not leak. It is meant to hold a great amount of liquid soup so it is of no use if it leaks or spills the liquid soup.

• Weight

The best containers for freezing food are light in weight. They have a weight way lesser than the food or liquids that are meant to be stored in them.

• Non-Absorbent

No matter what a regular soup freezing container is made of, it must not absorb the constituents of food that is stored in it. There are freezer containers for soup made out of mason jars, plastic, glass or silicon. Most have plastic lids, so it must be made sure that neither the lid nor the container itself absorbs the food stains or smell.

• Dishwasher Safe

We look for durability in containers for freezing soup so it should be made sure it does not wear off by regular use. It should either be safe for dishwasher or be recyclable. Most containers are dishwasher safe but their lids are not, so that should be taken into account while choosing the best containers for freezing soup.

Top 6 best containers for freezing soup

The following list comprises of the top 6 freezable soup containers that are proven to be the best choices in this particular domain. The choice of buying may be made by taking into account factors that containers for freezing soup should have. Increased number of required factors strengthens the choice of purchase.

ImageName / SpecificationsPrice
Superior Glass Round Meal Prep Containers

☑ Non-Absorbent
☑ Airtight
☑ Resistant to Damage
Current Price on Amazon
Eco Friendly White Soup Bowls

☑ Prevents Temperature Loss
☑ Leak-Resistant Vents
☑ Takes Less Space
Current Price on Amazon
Twist Top Food Containers Screw And Seal Lid 32 Oz

☑ Controls Heat Transfer
☑ Airtight
☑ Microwavable
Current Price on Amazon
Ziploc Twist ‘n Loc, Storage Containers for Food

☑ Firm Lock
☑ Nontoxic Material
☑ Takes Less Space
Current Price on Amazon
Souper Cubes 1-Cup Extra-Large Silicone Freezing Tray

☑ 100% FDA Food Grade Silicone
☑ Multiple Storage Capacities
☑ Temperature Resistant
Current Price on Amazon
Prep Works Freezer Pod, 1 Cup, White / Blue

☑ Diverse materials Silicone / Plastic
☑ Enough Storage Capacity
☑ Non-Absorbent
Current Price on Amazon

1. Superior Glass Round Meal Prep Containers

Current Price on Amazon

Key Features

Provides easy storage and is compact
Takes little space but offers a significant amount of storage room
Can tolerate extreme temperatures
Great for freezing
No spillage
No leakage
Resistant to damage
Environment friendly
Easy to clean

The Superior Glass Round Meal Prep Containers come in a package of three containers that are round in shape with lids. The containers are made of premium glass (borosilicate) that is transparent in looking and is capable of withstanding extreme temperature changes. Usually, glass containers break due to the effect of temperature change because of the substance that is stored in them, but The Superior Glass Round Meal Prep Containers are entirely safe for freezing hot soup.

It is good to go directly from oven to the freezer and vice versa. One other thing about the glass is that it would be stainless since it does not absorb oil stains or smell of the soup or other types of liquid foods stored in the container.

The chemical composition of The Superior Glass Round Meal Prep Containers is extremely eco-friendly. It does not disturb the chemical composition of the soup. This property of these freezer containers for soup makes them a priority over plastic containers. Its lid is made of BPA free plastic that is 100% non-toxic and helps to keep the food safe and airtight, preventing it from contamination.

These containers offer the volume of 32 oz (950 ml) each that is enough space for storing and freezing soups for any purpose. Another thing about The Superior Glass Round Meal Prep Containers is that they are easy to clean and are dishwasher safe.

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2. Eco Friendly White Soup Bowls

Current Price on Amazon

Key Features
Available in more than one colour
Multiple sizes
Takes less space / small in size
Environment friendly
Leak-resistant vents
Secure lid fit
Good temperature tolerance
Prevents temperature loss

Kraft soup bowls are disposable containers for freezing soup and similar food products that come in multiple colours and sizes with an interior of PLA lining. These are light as paper thus very suitable soup containers to go take them for travelling, delivering, or using at homes.

Its composition is plant-based hence posing no threat to the environment or food and can be recycled. The lid is also made of the same material that fits on to the container perfectly with the rim. Its temperature tolerance reaches 200 degrees Fahrenheit due to the thick construction. It prevents temperature loss and thus the frozen soup can be stored for much longer.

It is smooth to touch and the soup can be consumed directly out of the containers as well. They would take less space in your freezer. Soup storage has never been made easier.

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3. Twist Top Food Containers Screw And Seal Lid 32 Oz

Current Price on Amazon

Key Features
Can store 32 ounces of soup
Is leakproof
Controls heat transfer
Dishwasher safe

These freezer containers for soup offer a pack of 8 containers with lids that close after twisting thus making the containers suitable for storing and freezing liquid foods like soup. Each of these containers can hold 32 ounces of soup, offering a capacity of 4 cups. The mouth of the containers is about 3 inches big.

The construction is plastic that is BPA and toxin-free. The lid seals tightly removing all chances of contaminants or heat to enter thus making freezing of soup easier. It retains the freshness of soup for a long time. It does not absorb oil or stains and is also safe for dishwashing.

The containers are easy to bring out and stack on one another reducing the space in the freezer. It prevents leaking of both the liquid and the air. The material is not a problem for the environment and can be reused.

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4. Ziploc Twist ‘n Loc, Storage Containers for Food

Current Price on Amazon

Key Features
Safe for freezer
Takes less space
Nontoxic material
Easy to take anywhere
Easy to take the soup out
Firm lock

These containers are by far the most suitable for saving space in the freezer. These are made of BPA free plastic like plastic bags with a ziplock. The zip lock prevents the liquid soup from spilling and leaking.

They come in a pack of three that makes a total of 6 containers. The frozen soup can easily be taken out. These are good for travelling. It has a wide rim and a rigid lid that ensures its safe packing. It is also dishwasher safe and retains the taste and freshness of the soup.

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5. Souper Cubes 1-Cup Extra-Large Silicone Freezing Tray with Lid – 2 pack

Current Price on Amazon

Key Features
100% FDA Food Grade Silicone
BPA free lid
Temperature resistant
Supports compartmentalized storage
Multiple storage capacities
Makes stacking easier
Makes serving easier
Prevents freezer odour
Prevents contamination
Sustains freshness

Sometimes you need a container that would freeze your soup in cubes and can make it use multiple ways. Super cubes are made of silicon tray that is freezer friendly. It enables you to divide your soup in different portions and in different quantities. This tray cum container has compartments in 4 rows that range from ½ cup, 1 cup, 125 mL, 250 mL space for the soup to be stored and frozen.

The container also has a lid that keeps the soup contaminant-free, prevents the freezer smell to get into the soup and is easy to stack. The lid is made of BPA free plastic. It is nonabsorbent and dishwasher safe. The lid fits tightly to prevent temperature loss. The silicone is 100% safe, FDA Food Grade safe. And this can be the best container for freezing chicken noodle soup, regular soup, etc.

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6. Prep Works Freezer Pod, 1 Cup, White / Blue

Current Price on Amazon

Key Features
Multiple colors
Diverse materials; Silicone / Plastic
Enough storage capacity
Rectangular shape
Lightweight (0.3 grams)
Freezer safe
Dishwasher safe
Stores food in portions
Tight lids
Offers enough space for expansions after freezing
Reduces freezer burn
The capacity of around 4 servings per tray
Each compartment can hold 1 cup of soup
Takes less space
Beautiful design and shape

Prep works freezer pot is more like an ice tray that is easier to store in the freezer because it takes less space. It has compartments each of which can store 1 cup of soup. One tray has a capacity for 4 servings. It can either be made of plastic or silicon. Both materials are safe for the freshness and taste of soup.

Its lid prevents the soup from spilling and gives enough space for the expansion of the soup after freezing. It is resistant to freezer burn. It has multiple colours and rectangular shape.

This one is specially made for storing soups, chicken soups, noodle soups, soups for occasions, soups for lunch, etc. Prep works freezer pot is easier to use, handle and store. Freezer pot does not absorb the food stains and smell. It is simple and solid in construction. This supports storage in portions.

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Our list of 6 very diverse containers serving the very same purpose of being freezer containers for soup, was meant to be a buying guide for customers who are in search of the best containers for freezing soup.

We hope the factors that we mentioned to take into account before looking for a freezer container for soup help in making a good choice. Out of the 6 products listed above, you can choose and buy the most suitable one for yourself depending on its composition, size, volume, package and other properties.

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Frequently Ask Questions

Q. What kinds of soups freeze well?

Usually, all types of soups freeze well in a freezer. They may be chicken noodle soup, bean and lentil soups, rice soups, broth-based soups, meaty soups etc. All types of soups go well in a suitable freezing container that is a closed container with a lid or a ziplock.

Q. How do you freeze soup containers?

Soups are frozen in the soup containers so containers freeze with that. The containers specifically designed for freezing are freezer and oven safe. You put hot soup in the container, wait for it to cool down a bit and then put the closed container in the freezer.

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